Sense from Michael Taft

With all the confusion about yesterday’s ESRI report that did or did not find that 44% of families on the dole are better off than people who are working… some sense on it from Michael Taft.

I couldn’t agree more with his analysis – it’s not too much social welfare that’s the problem here. It’s too little for those on low incomes and with high expenses. The gaps in our public services affect those whose incomes are ‘too high’ to qualify for medical cards, Family Income Supplement, etc. Transport and childcare are the two that really stick out, for me.

Childcare, childcare, childcare. How many times does it have to be highlighted, from how many different angles? Our lack of affordable childcare affects the rate of female participation in politics, the number of women on corporate boards, the number of one-parent families trapped in a cycle of social welfare, child poverty rates, child development and learning… and is a major barrier to work for those with children.

Stop giving out free money to people – although that too is drying up – and start providing the service. If nothing else, it’ll provide jobs.

Come on Labour – this is why people voted for you.



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