#imnotleaving goes international!

The #imnotleaving stream on Twitter was picked up by David Stringer of the Associated Press, who contacted me for an interview. I didn’t make much of the final cut, but his piece has been syndicated internationally including in the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Canada Globe & Mail and the Daily Caller.

Not quite as positive as I’d have hoped but I hope that the message is, at least, out there that some of us want to make this work!

More links as I see them, and the original article on The Antiroom is here.

Also thanks to Roos Demol, who translated the original post into Flemish for me and included it on her blog which is published by two Flemish language newspaper websites. If you can understand Flemish, here it is!

Just found this discussion on storyful.ie, and this one on politicalworld.org. Great to see a debate starting!



  1. Hi Deirdre

    I’m the web guy for independent Donegal South West candidate Ann Sweeney whom I forwarded the I’m not leaving post to after I came across it on Twitter. Like me, and plenty others by the sound of it, Ann thought it was a great piece, and would be delighted if you were to get in touch with her either via my contact or ann@newislandparty.me with a view to running in the general. Please don’t reject that out of hand but let Ann explain. Her mobile (don’t worry it’s public domain) is 086 1704884

    Alan Lavender

    • Hi Alan,
      Many thanks for your comment. Apologies for the delay getting back to you but I was rather surprised at your suggestion! I really appreciate the offer but I’m afraid I’ll have to turn it down. Good luck to Ann with her campaign, I’ll be keeping an eye out.

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