Justeat.ie – it’s pretty simple!

There are some evenings you just don’t want to cook. I love cooking, and even I will admit this. But I’m usually pretty reluctant to get a takeaway – I’ve watched all those ‘You Are What You Eat’ shows where they show you what you eat in a week on a big table, and I’m determined that my big table would, firstly, be a little table, and secondly, mostly be constituted of things I can identify, rather than chemicals.
This isn’t a food blog, but my Twitter followers will be aware that I love my grub and I love to cook.
Having spotted that, the lovely @EimearMcCormack from JustEat.ie contacted me to ask if I’d like to write a post on the company’s service. With an offer of €20 to pay for my meal, I was in. (Insert ‘cheap date’ joke, here).
Living in Cork I’m lucky to have some fantastic restaurants on my doorstep for the nights that I do go out to eat. It’s rare enough that I get takeaway, but Cork has some very good choices in this regard – even for the health-conscious.
My favourite pizza in the entire world comes from Uncle Pete’s on Pope’s Quay. These guys are really passionate about their food, and it shows. Now, it’s not the cheapest – my usual, the personal sized primavera, is about €12. But it’s well worth it. You can customize your pizza as it’s made right there in front of you. They also offer a range of pasta dishes and wines. They are a devoted takeaway, with no sit-down area, and as a proud nouveau Norrie I love the urban legend that they don’t deliver to the Southside. I don’t think it’s anything more than an urban legend though.
Using the JustEat.ie system was so simple I could do it on my iPhone. Their site is not really made for iPhones, and they don’t have an app (yet, I presume), but it was still quick and easy. You register, using your email address and password, and you can either pay by credit card – very handy if, like me, you don’t tend to have cash on you for the delivery person – or by cash when you get your food delivered.
I submitted the form – for one of JustEat.ie’s fantastic €5 feast offers each for me and the boyfriend – at about 6.40pm.
A word on those offers – they’re amazing value – as I said, Uncle Pete’s is not cheap so €5 for one of their main courses – we both chose spaghetti with meatballs – is incredibly good value. The offers are still open, I think, and my next adventure is Banna Thai on Maylor Street, which comes highly recommended.
About a minute after we submitted the online form I got a call from Uncle Pete’s confirming the details and giving the usual ‘wait’ warning. Not to worry – our food arrived about 20 minutes later.
Very quick, very easy, and very, very delicious. Uncle Pete’s do the best meatballs I’ve ever eaten, in Ireland, Italy or anywhere else. Can’t recommend them – or JustEat.ie – highly enough.
Watch out for the next post, when I check out Banna Thai!


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