Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine are playing in Cork this weekend. Check out Brian’s feature on Florence and the fantastic acts supporting her in this week’s paper.

I absolutely love Florence. I have never played a CD so often, on repeat, nor so loud. She has the most amazing voice, with depth and pain and soul, and her songs speak to me like none ever have. I have the same passion for that album that I had for the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid, and I can’t help thinking there are more parallels there than just my feelings for them. Both Florence’s album and the Narnia books speak of epic journeys, pain, and the ultimate triumph of goodness and glory.

So I should be delighted she is playing in Cork. I couldn’t get tickets for her in Dublin, as they sold out within minutes. And, even more, this gig is actually free. Free! And, doing the job I do, in Cork, I am able to get on the guest list. Thank God for pull.

Not only is there Florence, but the Magic Numbers and Lisa Hannigan, two more of my favourite acts, are supporting. In the Opera House. Five minutes from where I live.

It’s like it was fated. Except for one thing… I can’t go.

I have a prior commitment.

To put some perspective on it, when I told my boyfriend Florence was playing in Cork, he said he would break up with me if I didn’t get us tickets. And I duly did.

Before I realised it was on the same night as that prior commitment; his granny’s birthday.

There are some things worth the sacrifice. I suppose.


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